Federal Demonstration Partnership Expanded Clearinghouse
BUSINESS USE AGREEMENT (version 11/15/2017)
This Business Use Agreement describes the functions of the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) web based Expanded Clearinghouse, the role of the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Working Group, and the expectations of the Participating Organizations. A Participating Organization is an FDP member organization participating in the Expanded Clearinghouse initiative who will create and manage its own Organization Profile. Participating Organizations agree to adhere to the terms of this agreement in order to participate in the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse.

Functions of the FDP Web Based Expanded Clearinghouse
The FDP Web Based Expanded Clearinghouse will:
  • House web based profiles of Participating Organizations documenting the static/annual information needed by pass-through entities for routine subaward issuance and subrecipient monitoring activities, such as annual audit results, F&A and fringe benefit rates, and key contacts
  • Allow secure access by Participating Organization representatives to create and maintain their web based profiles, including deployment of real-time data validation mechanisms where practical
  • Provide notifications to Organizations User Managers when time-sensitive data are nearing expiration or are obsolete (e.g., expired audit information, outdated SAM record, etc.)
  • To the extent feasible, import data from secure government systems needed for the web based profiles (e.g., SAM, Federal Audit Clearinghouse) to expedite profile completion and increase timeliness of data
  • Allow Participating Organizations to manage (add, change, delete) user rights for profile maintenance within their organization
  • Allow Participating Organizations and non-members to view published profiles and print copies of individual profiles
  • Provide data for use in discussions with the federal government about reducing administrative burden and wise stewardship of federal funds
Role of the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Working Group
The ECWG will operate as the support team for the web based Expanded Clearinghouse by performing the following tasks:
  • Develop and maintain all necessary user documentation, FAQs, surveys and reports
  • Provide the Expanded Clearinghouse System Development Team the necessary functional specifications in order to develop, maintain and enhance the system
  • Maintain a sub-team (FDP Admin Team) to review each profile when submitted or modified and review all profiles regularly to ensure data integrity remains high
  • Monitor use and ongoing needs of the Expanded Clearinghouse, collecting and tracking feedback and enhancement requests from users and operating as a Change Management team for ongoing development and maintenance
  • Coordinate communication among the users and provide users regular updates and status reports on the initiative
  • Maintain all user required resource documents on Expanded Clearinghouse webpage
  • Maintain Expanded Clearinghouse webpage overall
  • Coordinate review of overall Expanded Clearinghouse on an ongoing basis, at least annually
Expectations of the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Participating Organizations
FDP Member Organizations who join the Expanded Clearinghouse to will commit to:
  • Prepare, submit, and certify their initial profile within two business weeks of their login ID being created (the organizations profile will not be publically viewable until this step is complete). It is expected that profiles be completed promptly after their login ID is provided (e.g., within 14 calendar days) as evidence of the good faith of the organization to participate actively and timely in the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse.
  • Profiles will be required to include:
    • All required fields
    • Links to or attachments for the last two annual audit reports
    • Links to or attachments for the most recent F&A Rate Agreement and Fringe Benefit Agreement (if organization has negotiated Fringe Benefit Rates)
  • Have internal processes in place to ensure their profile data are maintained and kept current, as follows:
    • Must be updated within 5 business days after a change in status:
      • Suspension and Debarment status
    • Must be updated within 30 days after a change:
      • Audit information
      • F&A Rate agreement
      • Fringe Benefit rate information
      • Key Contact information
      • Addition or loss of a standard accreditation or change in its status (e.g., AAHRPP, AAALAC)
      • Sam.gov updates
      • Expiration dates of approved systems (e.g., Purchasing System, etc.)
    • All other information must be reviewed at least annually.
      • Routinely adhere to profile maintenance standards or risk suspension of participation in the web based Expanded Clearinghouse at the sole discretion of the FDP Admin team. No Participating Organization will be suspended without having first had an opportunity to cure.
      • Use Participating Organizations profiles to obtain static/annual information for their subawards, and to not request the same information in other formats from fellow Participating Organizations
      • Furnish data as requested by the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Co-Chairs
  • If an FDP Participating Organization uses the API, they shall agree to adhere to the terms of the API Business Use Agreement. The terms include not making excessive requests to the API and not sharing the authorization token or data with third parties outside of the uses outlined in the agreement. Organizations also agree to use best efforts to adhere to best practices related to the local implementations of the API.
By submission of a profile in the web based Expanded Clearinghouse, the FDP Member agrees to fulfill the expectations outlined above.