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Participating Organizations

This list of Participating Organizations contains participants in the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse initiative. All FDP member organizations are included.

Please click on a Participating Organization's name to view their Profile. Once a Profile is opened you can tab through 6 sections of information on the Profile. You may also print an organization's Profile once you have selected the Profile by clicking the Print button in the top right corner of the Profile.

If you represent a non-member organization which is not represented in the clearinghouse nad you would like to add a profile for your organization, please refer to Joining the Expanded Clearinghouse

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Organization (Common) Name
Primary DUNS
Primary Contact
FDP Member
Last Published On
Vanderbilt University Medical Center 079917897 Neal Hunt Yes 04-29-2021
Villanova 071618789 Moira McAndrews No 08-25-2021
Virginia Commonwealth University 105300446 Amy Lutero Yes 09-02-2021
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) 003137015 Trudy Riley Yes 09-23-2021
Wake Forest University Health Sciences 937727907 Maria Perkins Yes 07-16-2021
Washington State University 041485301 Derek Brown No 09-17-2021
Washington University in St. Louis 068552207 Connie Motoki Yes 01-07-2021
Wayne State University 001962224 LaShonda Cooley Yes 06-15-2021
West Virginia University 929332658 Paul Fetty Yes 04-01-2021
West Virginia University Research Corporation 191510239 Tiffany Lutskus Yes 04-22-2021
Western Michigan University 622364479 Sarah Pratt Yes 07-12-2021
Wright State University 047814256 Ellen Reinsch Friese Yes 03-01-2021
Yale University 043207562 Lisa Mosley Yes 07-28-2021

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