Federal Demonstration Partnership Expanded Clearinghouse

Participating Organizations

This list of Participating Organizations contains participants in the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Pilot. The Pilot is not open to new members at this time, but interested FDP members may express interest for later inclusion in the Pilot by emailing the Co-Chairs at fdpechelp@gmail.com. We hope to include non FDP members later this year.

Please click on the Participating Organizations name to view their Profile. Once a Profile is opened you can tab through 6 sections of information on the Profile. You may also print an organizations Profile once you have selected the Profile by selecting the Print button in the top right corner of the Profile.

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Organization (Common) Name
Primary DUNS
Primary Contact
Last Published On
Syracuse University 002257350 Lisa Kaley-Heyn 12-21-2017
Wayne State University 001962224 LaShonda Cooley 12-18-2017
Johns Hopkins University 001910777 Mora Harris 10-25-2017
Brown University 001785542 Patrice A. Carroll 12-11-2017
Northern Illinois University 001745512 Susan Gossman 07-21-2017
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 001425594 Rich Lay 11-07-2017

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