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This list of Participating Organizations contains participants in the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse initiative. All FDP member organizations are included.

Please click on a Participating Organization's name to view their Profile. Once a Profile is opened you can tab through 6 sections of information on the Profile. You may also print an organization's Profile once you have selected the Profile by clicking the Print button in the top right corner of the Profile.

If you represent a non-member organization which is not represented in the clearinghouse nad you would like to add a profile for your organization, please refer to Joining the Expanded Clearinghouse

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Organization (Common) Name
Primary DUNS
Primary Contact
FDP Member
Last Published On
University of Alaska Fairbanks 615245164 FDLEQSJ8FF63 Teri Langton Yes 09-28-2021
University of Connecticut 614209054 WNTPS995QBM7 Jennifer Przybyszewski Yes 08-20-2021
University of North Texas 614168995 G47WN1XZNWX9 Charles Tarantino Yes 08-20-2021
UNC-Chapel Hill 608195277 D3LHU66KBLD5 David Paul Yes 05-04-2021
East Carolina University 607579018 HWPEKM8VFTJ9 Becky Welch No 10-04-2021
University of Washington 605799469 HD1WMN6945W6 Carol Rhodes Yes 09-03-2021
University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources 604591925 K5KAMCPRVED6 Kimberly Lamar Yes 07-26-2021
Boston University (Medical Campus) 604483045 FBYMGMHW4X95 Dolores Markey No 08-17-2021
University of Massachusetts Medical School 603847393 MQE2JHHJW9Q8 Melissa Spragens Yes 12-01-2020
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 555917996 KABJZBBJ4B54 Rylee Pelzer Yes 07-26-2021
University of Nebraska-Lincoln 555456995 HTQ6K6NJFHA6 David Doty Yes 10-19-2021
Michigan State University 193247145 R28EKN92ZTZ9 Katherine Cook Yes 06-01-2021
West Virginia University Research Corporation 191510239 M7PNRH24BBM8 Tiffany Lutskus Yes 04-22-2021
University of Arkansas 191429745 MECEHTM8DB17 Kathy Scheibel Yes 12-21-2020
University of Nebraska at Omaha 190827162 FZRNFQTKADH1 Tiffani Hix No 08-26-2021

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