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More information about the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Subcommittee and activities can be found on the FDP Website.

Profile Participation Agreement

Click Here to review the Profile Participation Agreement.


Click here to open the Instruction Manual for Users in its own tab. Please note this manual is intended for Organizations preparing to join the Expanded Clearinghouse and covers creation, completion and publishing of the profiles. General public use (without a login) is covered in sections 9 of the manual.

Click here for an Organizational Data Entry Worksheet, an optional tool available to aid institutions who wish to collect their information ahead of entering data into the Expanded Clearinghouse.

Throughout the site, you may click on the question mark icons to go directly to a specific section of the instructions.

Instructional Video

Profile Management in the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse
This video will aid new Expanded Clearinghouse institutions in creating and editing institutional profiles. Originally offered as a Zoom session on June 13, 2019, it should prove helpful to those interested in learning how to create users, complete an institutional profile, certify and submit new and edited profiles, and seek help when necessary. Those interested in joining the Expanded Clearinghouse should contact fdpechelp@gmail.com.