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This list of Participating Organizations contains participants in the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse initiative. All FDP member organizations are included. If you represent a non-member organization which is not represented in the clearinghouse and you would like to add a profile for your organization, please contact the Clearinghouse Steering Committee at ExpClearinghouse@thefdp.org.

Please click on a Participating Organization's name to view their Profile. Once a Profile is opened you can tab through 6 sections of information on the Profile. You may also print an organization's Profile once you have selected the Profile by clicking the Print button in the top right corner of the Profile.

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Organization (Common) Name
Primary DUNS
Primary Contact
FDP Member
Last Published On
RF SUNY - SUNY Oswego 090185294 Maria Nakamura Yes 04-06-2020
RF SUNY - SUNY Potsdam 152606422 Jack McGuire, Ph.D. Yes 04-06-2020
RF SUNY - SUNY Purchase 152606489 Tracy Parker Yes 04-06-2020
RF SUNY - SUNY Alfred 152606547 Peter McClain Yes 04-06-2020
RF SUNY - SUNY Cobleskill 152652830 Barry Gell Yes 04-06-2020
RF SUNY - SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry 152606125 William Nicholson Yes 04-06-2020
RF SUNY - SUNY College of Optometry 152652764 Stewart Bloomfield Yes 04-06-2020
Wright State University 047814256 Jackie Frederick Yes 03-26-2020
Case Western Reserve University 077758407 Diane Domanovics Yes 03-25-2020
University of Maryland, Baltimore County 061364808 Stan Jackson No 03-20-2020
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University 623751831 Charles A. Weatherford Yes 03-11-2020
Boston College 045896339 Sharon Comvalius-Goddard Yes 03-09-2020
Ball State University 065540726 Justin Miller Yes 03-02-2020
North Carolina State University 042092122 Justo Torres Yes 02-27-2020
University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc. 076248616 Alicia Reed Yes 02-18-2020

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