Federal Demonstration Partnership Expanded Clearinghouse

FDP Expanded Clearinghouse

Welcome to the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse online system. This publicly available website provides online organization Profiles in lieu of subrecipient commitment forms to obtain entity-based information needed by pass-through entities when they are issuing subawards or monitoring their subrecipient entities. It is the result of the FDP Pilot Project that effectively demonstrated reduction of administrative burden.

What information is available in the organization Profiles?

Data included for each published organization profile has been certified correct by an applicable institutional official and includes data about the entity's most recent Single Audit, F&A, and fringe benefit rates as well as suspension and debarment, PHS financial conflict of interest policy status, Federal Wide Assurance number, other compliance-related information, and a wide variety of federal codes (DUNS, EIN, CAGE, etc.) and contact information (senior authorized official, FFATA, financial, COI, etc.) that are commonly needed for various types of subawards. All published profiles can be accessed by clicking on “Participating Organizations” at the top and are publically available without logging into the system. The FDP Clearinghouse Steering Committee team monitors the Profiles regularly to ensure the data is current, to the best of our abilities. Keeping the Profile information accurate and current is the responsibility of the Expanded Clearinghouse Participating Organization.

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How does an organization include their Profile in this system?

All FDP members have profile(s) included in this system. In addition, the FDP is currently piloting the addition of a select number of non-FDP organizations (all of which are Single Audit entities). Participating Organizations (listed under “Participating Organizations”) have agreed to review each other's published profiles in lieu of sending/receiving individual subrecipient commitment forms containing the information posted on their profile. Minor exchanges of data that are transaction/subaward specific (such as an IRB approval, Statement of Work or budget) may occur between the pass-through entity and the subrecipient, provided that such exchanges do not require completion of data already appearing on the entity's published profile. Participating Organizations have also agreed to make their Profile information fully available to the public.

An organization does not need to be a participating organization whose profile is in the Expanded Clearinghouse to access the Profiles on this site.

How does an organization join the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse and/or include their Profile in this system?

As of early 2019, FDP is undertaking a pilot to add a limited number of non-FDP members to the Expanded Clearinghouse. At this time, the organizations invited for that pilot have all been determined. If you are a Single Audit entity and are interested in joining the Expanded Clearinghouse, please complete our survey to add your institution to our list of interested parties. If participation is opened more broadly, we will contact you with information about the requirements for joining. FDP has not made a decision at this time whether non-Single Audit entities will be invited into the Clearinghouse.

Whether your organization is or is not a Single Audit entity, please remember that Clearinghouse participation or FDP membership is not required in order to view and use all of the posted profiles now in the Clearinghouse. You are welcome and encouraged to view the posted profiles of all the 200+ current members and use that information for your subrecipient risk assessments and monitoring purposes. You do not need a login to do this; please click on the “Find an Organization” button at the top to find a profile.

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