Data Access

System-to-System API [BETA]

Beta Version 1 of the API is available to Expanded Clearinghouse Participants. See below for documentation and to request your institution's access token.
API Use Agreement
API users are expected to review and adhere to the API Use Agreement, which can be viewed here.
Technical documentation for API Version 1 is publicly available on SwaggerHub.
What to Expect
The API returns data in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format, a common cross-platform data format used for system-to-system communication. A profile returned by the API will contain the majority of data elements visible on screen for the same profile, with the exception of the comments fields at the bottom of each tab, the Authorized Profile Certifier name, and the date of certification/submission to FDP.
Data Dictionary

A data dictionary has been developed to provide documentation of profile fields, including logical field names, data types, data lengths, and descriptions. Use this document to aid in development of your local-system's interface to the Expanded Clearinghouse API.

Click here to download a copy of the Data Dictionary.
Request API Token

Access tokens are currently available only to Expanded Clearinghouse participants.

Click here to request an API access token (login required).
Getting Help with the API

Contact for questions and assistance with implementing the API at your institution.

Full Data Export

After careful consideration, FDP has made the decision to add enhanced search and filtering options to the Participating Organizations page of this site in lieu of offering a CSV/Excel data export. These search enhancements will be added in future site updates. For technical teams that need a full data set for importation into their systems, the API provides a method for returning all profiles.

Entity Name/Profile ID List

A directory/list of Profile entity names and clearinghouse IDs is available below. This file will contain: 1) organization legal name, 2) organization common name, 3) Unique Entity Identifier (UEI), and 4) unique clearinghouse ID for organization's profile page. The ID can be used to construct links from internal systems to clearinghouse pages, e.g.

Download Profile List